The First Session  is a comprehensive evaluation of your golf swing and how it affects your golf game and keeps you from reaching your golf goals.   At this time we will devise an improvement plan for you.  Every lesson is a web lesson which is emailed to you which will help you to remember your drills and where to focus your attention when you  practice. These lessons are also stored on the website, and can be accessed at any time.

Improvement Plans

All lessons are 45 minutes in length and include a web lesson and drills.

  • 20 Lesson Plan          $1800                                                  Per Lesson cost is:  $90
  • 15 lesson Plan           $1500                                                  Per  Lesson cost is: $100
  • 10 lesson plan           $1100                                                  Per  Lesson cost is: $110
  •   5 lesson plan            $ 600                                                  Per   Lesson cost is: $120

Individual lessons available for $150 per lesson.  Juniors 10% off all lesson plans