Tuesday, March 03, 2015
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Sharon McQuillan, PGA


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Why take golf lessons In Westchester at Sharon McQuillan Golf? It is for one primary reason--Sharon is passionate about teaching.  What makes Sharon outstanding is not just what she teaches but how she teaches.  Sharon uses the JC Video state of the art system that incorporates high speed video cameras and computer feedback to accurately diagnose swing flaws.  The student’s lesson with their drills is then loaded onto the student’s personal webpage so they can review and continue their learning when they are away from the lesson. They can also send their lesson to their smartphone and continue to review the lesson while practicing..

Sharon McQuillan Golf is located at the Westchester Golf Range on Dobbs Ferry Road in White Plains and also has an indoor studio located in The Complete Golfer, a clubfitting and repair business at 300 Hamilton Avenue in White Plains.  With two locations, the learning continues throughout the year and does not have to stop because of the weather.  

Finding great golf lessons in White Plains has never been easier. Email: Sharon@SharonMcQuillan.com or call: 914-260-5048 or just register and schedule online to set up an appointment.

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The Practice Club

The Practice Club meets every Tuesday at 7pm. Rain dates are Fridays at 6pm.  $70 monthly. Must be a current student.  Click here to learn more and signup today!